Things to do in Multan

Here is a list of things to do while coming even while living in Multan.

First thing to do is to visit Qilla Kohna or Fort Kohna, Multan and the first twelve things in this list below are inside that fort and few of then are inside Qasim Bagh which is a garden inside fort.
  1. Shrine of Shah Rukne Alam, in Fort Kohna Multan 1335 AD
  2. Shrine of Bahaudin Zikarya, in Fort Kohna, Multan 1170AD
  3. Damdama (or Dam Dama) a high place to defend the city now used to view city inside Fort Kohna Multan 
  4. Art Gallery on Damdama of Fort Kohna Multan
  5. Qasim Bagh, a garden and park inside Fort Kohna, Multan
  6. Monument of Lt. Patrick Van Alexander Agnew inside Qasim Bagh in Fort Kohna Multan.
  7. Old Zamzama? Cannon in Fort Kohna Multan
  8. Bab e Qasim or Qasim Gate of Fort Kohna, the only one of four existing gate of Fort Kohna Multan
  9. An old Jet Fighter of Pakistan Air Force parked in Qasim Bagh for children in Fort Kohna Multan
  10. Shrine of Shah Bukhari in Fort Kohna Multan
  11. Ibne Qasim Cricket Stadium (Multi use stadium) inside Fort Kohna Multan
  12. Barood Khan (Gunpowder store) now called Nigar Khana (Art store) inside Fort Kohna Multan
  13. Feed the pigeons at Fort Kohna Multan
  14. Ruins of Parhaland Temple in Fort Kohna Multan 
  15. Food Street of Multan, Fort Kohna Old Cricket Stadium Multan
  16. Shopping embroidery in Hussain Agahi Bazar Multan 
  17.  Rahim Center the Center of Embroidery and Khusa Shoes of Multan at Hussaun Agahi
  18. Ghanta Ghar or Clock Tower of Multan
  19. Shrine of Shah Shams Sabzwari, Baba Safra Road, Multan 1330 AD
  20. Ramada Hotel and Restaurant, Abdali Road Multan
  21. Shopping at Abdali Road Multan Chen One Tower, United Mall,
  22. Shrine of Shah Yousaf Gardezi, Bohar Gate, Multan
  23. Shrine of Mai Maharban, Fawara Chowk, near Children Complex, Multan 1140 AD 
  24. Multani Sohan Halwa at Muhalla Qadirabad, near Children Complex Multan
  25. Faseel or City Wall of Multan or Mooltan from Haram Gate to Delhi Gate
  26. Khuni Burj or Bloody Bastion of Faseel i Multan
  27. Bohar Gate, Multan
  28. Haram Gate, Multan
  29. Delhi Gate, Multan
  30. Shrine of Shah Ali Akbar, Suraj Miani Multan
  31. Shrine of Mother of Shah Ali Akbar, Suraj Miani Multan 1540 AD
  32. Shrine Musa Pak Shaheed Multan 1616 A.D.
  33. Shrine Khawaja Awais Kagha 1300 A.D.
  34. Shopping embroidery and cloth in Chowk Bazar Multan
  35. Zanzibar Hotel, Abdali Road Multan
  36. Shopping embroidery etc in Sadar Bazar Multan Cantt
  37. Pathway Hotel Multan Cantt
  38. Yadgar i Shuhada Park and Monument, Sher Shah Road, Multan
  39. Cantt Garden Multan 
  40. Shrine Bibi Pak Daman 1295 A.D. Dera Basti Multan
  41. Shrine Sakhi Yahya Nawab 1618 A.D.
  42. Shrine Shah Hussain Sadozai 1626 AD Abdali Road Multan
  43. Shrine Inayat Wilayat 1658 A.D. inside Haram Gate Multan
  44. Shrine Nawab Saeed Khan Qureshi 1677 A.D.
  45. Shrine Hafiz Jamal 1811 A.D. Hafiz Jamal Road Multan
  46. Shrine Mian Dalair Banga Balail 1832 A.D. Delhi Gate Multan
  47. Shrine Allah Dad Gurmani 1851 A.D. Chowk Shaheedan Multan
  48. Shrine Shah Ali Mardan 1865 A.D. Chowk Shaheedan Multan
  49. Shrine Hamid Shah Gillani 1934  A.D.
  50. Shrine Luddan Kuddan Under Construction inside Pak Gate Multan
  51. Shrine Shah Dana Shaheed 1270 A.D . Haram Gate Multan 
  52.  Services Club or Multan Garrison Mess MGM 1880 AD in Multan Cantt
  53. Mosque or Masjid Ali Wali Khan
  54. CSD Park and CSD Plaza Multan Cantt 
  55. Malik Allah Wasaya Fish Restaurant - Khuni Burj Multan 
  56. Ali Muhammad Khan Masjid
  57. Shapes Gym and Restaurant Multan
  58.  Burger King (First in Punjab) Gulgasht Avenue Multan
  59. KFC Multan Cantt
  60. Pizza Hut, Gulgasht Multan
  61. Masoom's Cafe Gulgasht Multan
  62. Gloria Jean's Coffee, Gulgasht Multan
  63. SubWay, Gulgasht Multan and Multan Cantt Branches
  64. Dilmeer Peera House and Lassi Drink Multan Cantt
  65. Hardees, Gulgasht Multan
  66.  Shah Jahan Restaurant , Gulgasht, Multan
  67. Eat Multani Mangoes in Summer
  68. Eat Kinoos (Special Oranges) in Winter
  69. Al Majlis Event Comlex Industrial Estate Multan
  70. Multan Tea House
  71. Bali Tea House Eid Gah Multan Cantt Multan
  72. Munir Tea Stall, Quaid e Azam Shopping Center Multan Cantt Multan 
  73. Ruins of Suraj Kund Temple, The ancient Sun Temple at Purana Shujabad Road Multan
  74. Monument of Shah Shamas Tabrez at Suraj Kund Temple 
  75. Monument of Muhammad Bin Qasim at Vihari Chowk  
  76. International Cricket Stadium Multan 
  77. Ahmad Shah Abdali's Birthplace Monument
  78. Sadiq Ali Shehzad Art Gallery Hassan Parwana Road Multan



How to spend 5 Days in Multan

Day 1

Goto Fort Kohna Multan, see Tombs of Bahaudin Zikarya and Tomb Shah Rukne Alam see Art GAllery on damdama and Arts inside old Barood Khana. See old cannon in police station and an old stadium inside fort. Got Qasim Bagh inside fort and see ruind of an ancient temple named Parhaland Mandir. See Ghanta Ghar chowk and clock tower from roof of Art Gallery in Multan fort. Eat Naveed biryani from ghanta ghar and get it better packed.
Dont forget to feed pigeons all around the fort.
You can start a drive from Chowk Kumharanwala and come to Pul Mouj Darya and then goto left and reach Children Complex Hospital and buy Multani Sohan Halva from there. From  here start round around old city clockwise or anticolockwise is your choice watch all Gates of Multan and Khoni Burj, namely Bohar Gate, Haram Gate, Delhi Gate (existing) and Lohari Gate, Pak Gate, Dolat gate (non existing). Buy delecious fish from khoni burj named Allah Wasaya Fish. Better get it packed.

Day 2
Goto Chaman Zar Askari lake wash fish eating popcorns, get rides if you like, and paddle boats. Come to Cantt food street huts nearby and eat outdoors. Get something from fort bakers if you like. Goto nearby Yadgar Shaheedan Park Sher Shah Road Cantt. See beautiful yadgar monuent. Come to nearby CSD plaza and have shopping around these shops.
All above things are at walking distance to eachother.

Take a long drive towards River Chenab (>10km) on Muzafar Garh Road and have boating or play volleyball or bedminton on chenab river bank and then eat from Billay Da Dera or Dera Inn on bypass road.
Or you have long drive towards sutluj (=80km) on Bahawalpur road. See greenry around this patch of drive and at end you can goto Noor Mahal inside Bahawalpur or may take turn back from River Sutlaj and eat from famous restaurants of highway namely Mushtarka Balochistan Hotel (enjoy sitting with pillows) or Hotel Taj (fantastic food paratha with handi) or luxury Libra food and wonderful location.

Day 4
Reserved for Shopping? Dont forget to buy Multani Khussa (shoes) and world famous embroidery. Goto cantt bazar and plazas of cantt (Sadar Multan) to have quality and many brands. Want more stuff and enjoy old bazar Hussain Agahi near Ghanta Ghar Multan.
You can taste Sharif Plaza at kachehry chowk Multan and get lot of stuff there.
If you only like national international brands then goto Nawa Sherher Abdali road and clean shopping at Cheone Plaza and United Mall. Eat at Indulge inside Chenone Tower. Watch Multan Institute of Cardiology from glass windows of Indulge restaurant. And see monement of birth of Ahmad Shah Abdali nearby these malls. Abdali road hosts luxury hotels and restaurants of Ramada Multan and Zanzibar Multan.

Day 5
Multan is incomplete if you dont taste at Bosan Road and Gulgusht. Pizza Hut, Jhok candle light dinner, Masoom's Cafe, Gloria Jeans. Gol Bagh. Life of Chungi No 6 Bazars.
If get some time then take a look around drive across Nishtar Medical College Clock Tower (Working and looks beautiful in evening)  Shah Shams Tabrez historical tomb, historic Eidgah mosque at Khanewal road,
If you make a plan to stop then. Children's favorite Jinnah Water Park New Multan or Ali Baba games at Bussiness Plaza Bosan Road make them happy. Or see art of BZU or see beautiful Sculptures of Sadiq Ali Shehzad in Art Gallery of Arts Council Multan

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