Saturday, May 21, 2011

List of Cinema Houses in Multan

Here is a list of cinemas in Multan which shows Pakistan, Urdu, Punjabi, English and even Indian Hindi movies. But not all cinemas show all types of movies.

Proposed 3D cinema Cineplex in City Centre Multan

  • CineStar Multan
  • Capri Cinema, Chowk Saddu Sam, Multan
  • Dreamland Cinema, Hussain Agahi, Multan
  • Kiran Cinema, Haram Gate, Multan
  • Naz Cinema, Walayatabad No.1, Multan
  • Star Cinema, Near General Truck/Bus Stands, Multan
  • Rex Cinema, Dera Adda, Multan
  • Khayam Cinema, Hamayun Road, near Chowk Ghanta Ghar, Multan
  • Starlite Cinema, Dera Adda, Multan
  • Baber Cinema, Kachehry Road, Multan
  • Hashmat Mahal Cinema, Hussain Agahi, near Dolat Gate, Multan
  • Taj Mahal Cinema
  • Noshab Cinema, Akbar Road, Multan
  • Radhu, Haram Gate, Multan
  • Mehfil Cinema, Hussain Agahi, Multan
  • Crown Cinema, Hussain Agahi, Multan
  • Shalimar Cinema, Masoom Shah Road, Multan

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