Saturday, May 14, 2011

List of Shopping Places in Multan

There are few things special to Multan city and you may not find it anywhere else and even find will have been exported from Multan. These are EXCLUSIVE to Multan. These include
  • KHUSSA a special shoes
  • Emboidery for men and women
  • Blue Pottery and Blue Tiles

    Famous markets or Bazars of Multan are (short list)
    Multan Craft Bazar
    • Hussain Agahi Bazar, inner Multan famous for clothes, embroidery and Khussa, a historical bazar.
    • Chowk Bazar, inner city Multan similar to hussain agahi bazar, i.e. a historical bazar.
    • Arts and Crafts Bazar, near fort Kohna Multan
    • Cantt or Saddar Bazar, high prices and standards, fun going place, eating, clothes, branded shops are here.
    • Chungi no 6 Bazar is also a fun going place, eating, cloth, shoes, etc
    • Sharif Plaza at KAchehri Chowk Multan
    • Saddar bazar Multan
    • Bohar gate bazar, is famous for paper and anything related to paper.
    • Hassan Parwana Market Multan
    • Bano Market Multan Cantt
    • Quaid i Azam Shopping Center Multan Cantt 
    • Nawa Sherher Malls (United Mall and Chenone)

      List of famous Plaza, Shopping Mall and Shopping Towers in Multan
      Chen One Tower Multan


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