Monday, May 16, 2011

List of Hotels in Multan

Remember this list is restricted about hotels and not about restaurants
For restaurants and other things to do in Multan see these lists
 List of eating places in Multan
Things to do in Multan City

It is a short list of Hotels and Guest Houses in Multan
Ramada Hotel Multan
5 Star Hotels in Multan
  • Pearl Continental Hotel Multan
4  Star Hotels in Multan
  • Ramada International Hotel Nawa Sheher Multan
3   Star Hotels in Multan
  • Sindbad Hotel Nishtar Chowk, LMQ road, Multan
2 Star Hotels in Multan
  • Hotel One by Pearl Continental, Lalazar Colony, Multan
  • Royal Continental Guest House, Tariq Road, Multan
  • Dubai Palace Hotel Multan
Other Hotels in Multan
  • Fortalice LMQ road, Multan
  • Fiesta Inn Nawa Sheher, Multan
  • Hotel Al Sana Gujjar Khada Multan
  • Hotel Emrald, High Court Multan
  • Rhisus Hotel, Abdali road, Multan
  • Hotel Continental Inn, LMQ road Multan
  • Mid City Hotel, Gujjar Khada Multan
  • Sheza inn Hotel Multan
  • Marhaba Hotel, Multan
  • Lord's Inn Hotel, Lalazar Colony, LMQ road Multan
  • Hotel Green Palm, Lalazar Colony, LMQ road Multan
  • Taj Hotel, inner city Multan

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