Sunday, May 15, 2011

Ghanta Ghar Multan or Clock Tower Multan

You can reach here with an auto Rikshaw, it is near to Fort Kohna Qasim Bagh Multan. Also nearby is Hussain Agahi Bus Bazar and bus stop.

Multan: Ghanta Ghar or Clock Tower

Clock towers were made in each big city of India during British Period of Indian Sub Continent. Wrist watches were not used that days and electronic media was also absent so these towers were a big deal to have accurate time.
Ghanta Ghar of Multan is very beautiful and it is used as City Municipal Office by Govt. But now plan is to convert this building into a museum and open it for general public. It is renovated, previously it was white washed but now red brick tiles are used to decorate it, similar red bricks are used in alsmost every building of Govt in Multan.

Ghanta Ghar Multan after renovation with red bricks
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This photo was taken by Dr. Junaid and Dr. Rashid. All electric poles and wires removed and kites hanging in front of building photo shoped.
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Beautiful Clock Tower Multan Photoshoped

We took this photo when ghanta ghar Multan was newly renovated, little work was done and background was changes, otherwise photo is original.

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Location Map
Approach is very easy as Ghanta Ghar is located in center of Multan

Multan: Ghanta Ghar Photo taken from Damdama of fort kohna

Multan: Ghanta Ghar: Night time lights wonderful view

Multan: Ghanta Ghar: Birds nesting on newly renovated building

Ghanta Ghar Multan

Multan: Ghanta Ghar being renovated with red bricks


Multan: Ghanta Ghar before renovation.


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