Thursday, June 23, 2011

Chowk Bazar Multan

Chowk Bazar Multan previously known as Main Bazar Multan is located in inner old Multan city inside the Faseel i Multan (walls of Multan). It is an old historic Bazar of Multan, also associated with bloody battle during siege of Multan.
Things to do in Chowk Bazar Multan
  • It is famous for shopping embroidery and hand made items and cloth shops. 
  • Visit Mosque / Masjid Ali Wali Khan
  • Visit Tomb of Ali Wali Khan
  • Visit Mosque / Masjid Phool Hattan or Phul Hathan
  • See Haram Gate Multan
  • Bargaining is common in this bazar
  • Enter into Sarafa Bazar or Gold Market for ladies jewelry 
  • If come in Muharam Islamic month, you will find Pakistan's Largest Tazia and Zanjir Zani
Main Bazar or Chowk Bazar Multan inside Haram Gate Multan
Old Pic Main Bazar or Chowk Bazar Multan 1848 British capturing Multan

Old Photo Main Bazar or Chowk Bazar Multan 1848 British troops entering

An Old Photo of Main Bazar now called Chowk Bazar Multan


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