Saturday, July 2, 2011

Bomanji Square on Bomanji Chowk in Multan Cantt

IntroductionBomanji Shopping Square or Bomanji Plaza on Bomanji Chowk in Multan Cantt is a modern shopping place being constructed on an old European style.
The House of Bomanji was founded by the man who bore this name in 1891.Upon arriving in Multan, through a humble premise acquired on rent in the same year; M. Bomanji laid the very foundations of the thriving business that spans over a century now. With the relentless perseverance and courage of having built his very own business premise in 1895, M. Bomanji shaped a whole new concept for modern expansion in the city. Becoming heirs to M. Bomanji, the third and fourth generations of his family have run the company for 110 years adhering to the same business ethics and displaying a dedication to serve, which is truly reminiscent of their ancestors. Their current venture is a themed precinct, which places strong emphasis on lifestyle. Bringing forth a new shopping and business concept in Multan by constructing a state-of-the-art complex, 'The Bomanji Square', is to be located at the most famous landmark in the glorious city of Multan, Bomanji Chowk in the Cantonment Area

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Bomanji Square on Bomanji Chowk in Multan Cantt

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Bomanji Square on Bomanji Chowk in Multan Cantt under construction


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