Wednesday, June 15, 2011

List of Temples Churches and non Muslim Places of worship in Multan

There were many temples in Multan and it was a sacred city for Hindus long ago. Also there are other temples and christian churches and other non Muslim places of worship in Multan. Few of them are very old unique and historic.
  • Parhaland Mandir or Temple in fort Kohna Multan
  • Suraj Kund Temple in Suraj Kund on Old Shujabad Road Multan
  • Sun Temple
  • Jain Swamber Mandir inside Bohar Gate Multan
  • Sanwal Mal near fort Kohna Multan
  • Dharamshala Bhai Dayal Singh inside Delhi Gate Multan
  • Mandir Shah Majeed although muslim but Hindus also used to worship Chowk Bazar Multan
  • Temple of TotalaMai in Haram Gate Multan
  • Temple of Jog Maya near Multan Railway Station?
  • Narsinhapuri Mandir
  • St Mary's Cathedral Qasim Road Multan Cantt
  • Cathedral of the Holy Redeemer Multan Cantt
  • Christ Church LMQ Road Multan

St Mary's Cathedral Qasim Road Multan Cantt


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