Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Bab ul Qasim or Qasim Gate of Fort Kohna Multan

Located at Fort Kohna Qasim Bagh Multan at center of the city. An auto rikshaw / taxi and mini bus transit can bring here.

Qasim gate of Fort Kohna Multan

Fort Kohna dates back to BC and said to be the place where Alexender the Great was wounded and never recovered again. Although Fort Kohna was completely different place at that times. It was constructed on moud and separated from land at one side by river Ravi that times.
When British came, there were four gates of Fort Kohna Multan on four corners. Only one exisits now and called Bab ul Qasim. This name was given to it when Muhammad Ibne Qasim attacked fort and captured it in 0712 AD.
Other gates of Fort Kohna were
  • Khizri Gate
  • Sikhi Gate
  • Rehri Gate
Few Photos of Bab ul Qasim the Qasim Gate are here
Multan: Qasim Gate Fork Kohna

Bab ul Qasim Killa Kohna Multan 1962

A beautiful Evening View of Qaism Gate Multan Fort Multan

The Stones Cry outHistorical Archaeology (2nd Edition)

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