Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Dam Dama Multan Fort

The Damdama is a massive block of a building constructed on a mound of earth fill. It is highest part of Fort Kohna Multan and it was used as watch tower / Gunnery. Walled inner old city Multan is higher than New Multan and fort is highest in inner walled city Multan so it is highest place in Multan. People come here and have photo shoots as tomb of Shah Rukn Alam comes in background.
Approach is easy as approach to Fort Kohna is easy.

Dam Dama of fort Kohna Multan front view

Two of its walls are sloping while longer sides are vertical with five rectangular buttresses added to it. Due to settlement, buttresses have been added to stabilize the structure but massive settlement and poor construction has resulted in the buttresses separating from the main structure.
Damdama is a part of the Multan Fort wall and occupies north-western corner of it. Its history is, therefore intimately connected with the Fort which has been described under Faseel Qila Qasim Bagh. There is no mention of Damdama in all earlier records therefore its existence is a later period intervention among structures built with in the fort. A map of Multan City and the fort as prepared by Alexander in 1853 and published in his report of 1874 does not show a Damdama anywhere with in the fort.

Dam Dama of fort Kohna Multan front view slopy

Dam Dama of fort Kohna Multan side view vertical

Dam Dama of fort Kohna Multan in a Map before 1848 AD

Dam Dama Multan Fort

Dam Dama Multan Fort

Rehabilitation Renovation of Dam Dama under process

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