Sunday, June 26, 2011

Shrine Nawab Saeed Khan Qureshi Delhi Gate Multan

Shrine of Nawab Saeed Khan Qureshi 1677 A.D. is located inside Delhi Gate Multan
Interesting Notes
awab Saeed Khan Qureshi was a resident of Multan. During last days of Jahangir (16-5-1627) he was assigned an important post in Multan and became a close confident of Prince Murad Bakhsh, governor of Multan during the reign of his father Shah Jahan. Later on he was transferred to Gujrat and still later in Delhi but finally returned to Multan. He died in 1677 AD and was buried in the mausoleum built by himself in corner of his palace-garden. He is also said to have built a mosque. For his good taste in poetry and literature he won appreciation from two Mughal princes - Murad Bakhsh and Aurangzeb. Originally, Saeed Khan’s Mausoleum stood in the midst of a vast garden with palaces all around – all except the mausoleum have perished.
Few Photos
Shrine Saeed Khan Qureshi 1677 A.D. Delhi Gate Multan

Shrine Saeed Khan Qureshi 1677 A.D. Delhi Gate Multan


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