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Bohar Gate Multan

It is located in Faseel of Multan. Between the Haram Gate and Hussain Agahi Bazar

Wrong renovated and full of banners is Bohar Gate Multan

This gate was towards the river Channab and all along the way from this gate upto Channab River there were abundant Bohar Trees that times and so is its name.

Few other photos of Bohar Gate are here 

Multan: Bohar Gate

Bohar gate Multan

Bohar gate Multan
Bohar gate Multan

Bohar gate

Bohar gate Multan


Location Map

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Listed by MCM
Period / Date
Historical Notes
No recorded history indicates when the city-wall was constructed for the first time, how many gates there were in the beginning and when were the present six gates given their present names. The first clear cut mention of these six gates arises in the middle of the 19th century. If we accept the claim of Nazir (45) that the city wall as constructed by Ali Muhammad Khakwani in 1756 we have reason to believe that the six gates were also provided, constructed and named by this great benefactor of Multan . The history of Bohar Gate, therefore must also commence from this date. It was definitely intact during the Siege of Multan 1848-49.
Description / Main Features
A gate existed at this site even in the early 19th century when Cunningham wrote about Multan. This was damaged considerably when the British annexed Multan in 1849. It was totally demolished in 1854 when the city expanded. A new gate was thus built. The present structure is a combination of 2 double storey castellated towers with flat band above and is without much decoration.
Access / Environs
The Gateway is now surrounded and engulfed by encroachments, shops and hoardings. The gate can be approached from Alang Road and Circular Road.
Present Condition
The pylons have been plastered whereas the center and top is in deep struck pointing. Hoardings and banners completely destroy the elegance of the Gateway. Encroachments are abutting the turrets of the gateway. There is lot of debris lying on the landings and bridge on the upper level. The plaster has peeled off in numerous locations. The staircase opens onto the bridge and there is no cover or protection in this opening causing rainwater to collect inside the tower.
After its construction in 1756, the gate must have been damaged during the prolonged Siege of the City in 1848. In any case on the excuse of providing the better hygienic facilities with the city, the city walls were lowered down in height and only here gateways were allowed to retain their gate-buildings including Bohar Gate. The three gates standing gates of the Walled city differ in details from one another since they were not built simultaneously. After independence in 1947, all the three gates were found in poor condition and were consequently repaired at different times. Bohar Gate was repaired with cement plaster and then whitewashed.
Placing of hoardings, sticking of bills and painting of advertisements on the gate should be prohibited. Removal of encroachments especially those occupying rooms on ground floor must be got vacated.
Cunningham, V, 126 (Bor gate); Nazir,,44-5, 97,105,126;,Latif, 38, 51; Wasti, 178-186




Environmental Notes

  • Bohar Gate.
  • Vehicular Access / Parking
    The Bohar Gate is located in the walled city of Multan. It is accessible to vehicular traffic from all directions through roads, and car parking is available.
  • Use
    Commercial use. Shops are all around, and even within the structure of the gate there are meat and vegetable shops.
  • Visitor Facilities
    There are no other visitor facilities except a little parking place.
  • Sewerage
    Open drains are running along the bazaars and around the gate.
  • Drainage
    The slopes and gradient of the area is steep towards outer circular road that surface runoff quickly flows towards main road.
  • Electricity
    Electric poles sit adjacent the gate, and the area around it is commercial, hence the place is well lit.
  • Solid Waste
    As this is a business area, flocks of people visit it daily, hence a lot of solid waste is generated which gets deposited next to the northern part of the gate and also at other corners from where the staff of CDG disposes it off.
  • Floors & Pavements
    All roads around the gate are bituminous roads.
  • External threats
    The construction of buildings abutting the gate and the demolition of the original city wall has lead to the loss of the authenticity of this gateway. The encroachments must be removed and possibly the wall reconstructed to indicate the majesty of the gateway.
  • Condition Survey
    The structure is British Period brick work load bearing masonry. It is stable. However the open drains and dampness around the gate may later on develop settlement problems. The other commercial buildings are very much attached with the southern part of the gate which not only provide an ugly look but may cause structural problems.

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