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Zamzama Cannon of Multan

 Toap of Multan

Zamzama like old cannons found in Multan very high resolution photo

Zam zama Cannon in Kohna Fort Multan
Most of people think in Lahore that only they have last piece of Zamzam Cannon (they call it gun) but there are others too. One of them is places in Fort Kohna Multan, also called Kila Kohna Qasim Bagh Multan.
Zam zama was a model of cannon made by British and it was very advanced in that era of gunpowder. It was used to conquer Multan by British Army.

Other names of Zamzama Cannon written in Wikipedia are
  • Zamzama Top
  • Kim's Gun
  • Zamzama Gun
  • Bhangyanwala Toap 

    Zamzama Cannon in Kohna Fort Multan

    Zamzama used to conquest Multan by British Army.

    Siege of Multan made by Role Zamzama

    There is also a plate with a short history of cannon is there in Fort Kohna which I translate.

    Plate about Zam Zama Cannon in Urdu
    With a 5.5 inches quality opening and 41.5 feet long barrel, this cannon was capable of firing 18 pound gunpowder upto 2000 yards. It was made in 1808 Royal Gun Factory by British. It has an important role in conquest of India. It was used by Brig Dandas of Bombay Division of British Army in Siege of Multan in December 1848 AD. On January 2nd, 1849 it destroyed Faseel/Wall of Multan City at Khuni Burj of Multan and along Delhi Gate Multan, Molraj was arrested and Sikh Raj ended in Multan. With the passage of time technology advanced these cannons became useless and was thrown out of artillery. Three such cannon found in Multan Police Line.

    History told by Lahori people about the Zamzama Gun of them is totally different from this plate and there is also deficiency of history on Wikipedia

    Location Map
    It is inside fort Kohna Multan near Police station, you can view it passing by


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