Tuesday, May 17, 2011

List of Historic Places to visit Multan

These are the historic places to visit in Multan, few are good and some are best must visit places of Mooltan. Other places are not included which are not historic.
Most of them are included in Prime Minister's list of 53 historic places of Multan to be preserved.

Historic Tomb Ali Akbar and his mother
  1. Suraj Kund Mandir Temple dates back BC when Sun was worshiped in Multan perhaps 1000 BC
  2. Ruins of Parhaland Mandar Multan inside Kohna Fort Multan
  3. Jain Mandir inside Bohar Gate Multan 1850 AD
  4. Dharam Shala Dayal Singh in Delhi Gate Multan
  5. Mandir Shah Majeed inside Bohar Gate Multan
  6. Mandir Gopal Multan inside Bohar Gate Multan
  7. Shrine Mai Maharban 1140 A.D. at Chowk Fawara Multan
  8. Shrine Shah Yousaf Gardezi 1152 A.D. inside Bohar Gate Multan
  9. Shrine Bahaudin Zikarya 1170 A.D. inside Fort Kohna Multan
  10. Shrine Shah Bukhari is under construction (2009) Saint died in 1246 A.D. inside Fort Kohna Multan
  11. Shrine Shah Dana Shaheed 1270 A.D .
  12. Shrine Bibi Pak Daman 1295 A.D. in Dera Basti Multan City
  13. Shrine Khawaja Awais Kagha 1300 A.D. in Dera Basti Multan City
  14. Shrine Shah Shams Sabzwari 1330 A.D. Baba Safra Road Multan
  15. Shrine Shah Rukne Alam 1335 A.D. inside Fort Kohna Multan a must see thing
  16. Shrine Mother Shah Ali Akbar 1540 A.D. Suraj Miani Multan
  17. Shrine Shah Ali Akbar 1585 A.D. Suraj Miani Multan
  18. Shrine Musa Pak Shaheed Multan 1616 A.D.
  19. Shrine Sakhi Yahya Nawab 1618 A.D.
  20. Shrine Shah Hussain Sadozai 1626 AD
  21. Shrine Inayat Wilayat 1658 A.D. inside Haram Gate Multan
  22. Shrine Saeed Khan Qureshi 1677 A.D.
  23. Shrine Hafiz Jamal 1811 A.D.
  24. Shrine Mian Dalair Banga Balail 1832 A.D.
  25. Shrine Allah Dad Gurmani 1851 A.D.
  26. Shrine Shah Ali Mardan 1865 A.D.
  27. Shrine Hamid Shah Gillani 1934 A.D.
  28. Shrine Luddan Kuddan Under Construction
  29. Masjid Khawaja Awais Kagha Basti Dera Multan
  30. Masjid Khuddka Chowk Fawara Multan
  31. Masjid Shah Shams Sabzwari Multan
  32. Masjid Wazir Khan Kachehry Road Multan
  33. Patrick Alexender vans Agnew Monument Multan 19th century inside Qasim Bagh of Fort Kohna Multan
  34. Sawi Masjid Kotla Tolay Khan Multan 1500 A.D.
  35. Masjid Ghausia or Masjid Musa Pak Shaheed Haram Gate Multan
  36. Masjid Ali Wali Khan Haram Gate Multan 1752 A.D.
  37. Haram Gate in Multan a part of Faseel / Wall of Multan
  38. Bab e Qasim Gate in Multan Enterance of Fort Kohna Multan
  39. Killa Kohna / Fort Kohna Multan
  40. Delhi Gate in Multan part of Faseel / Wall of Multan
  41. Bohar Gate in Multan part of Faseel / Wall of Multan
  42. Faseel / Wall of Multan now remains only from Haram gate to the Khuni Burj only 1752 AD
  43. Historic Shahi Eidgah Multan
  44. Dam Dama Multan part of Fort Kohna Multan late Sikh period of Multan
  45. Khuni Burj / Bloody bastion/ bloody tower in Multan part of Faseel / Wall of Multan
  46. Barood Khana (Gun powder place) now known as Nigar Khana Fort Kohna Multan
  47. Ghanta Gahr Multan 19th century a Colonial Building near Fort Kohna Multan
  48. Tomb of Khalid Bin Waleed Ruins
And tow of them are out of Multan City in Uch City are
  • Ex Shrine of Musa Pak Shaheed and
  • Mansjid nearby Ex Shrine of Musa Pak Shaheed
Other Historic Places which are historic but not included Govt's 53 protected list
Birthplace Ahmad Shah Abdali on Abdali Road Multan
Historic Sanwal Mal in Multan near Fort Kohna Multan


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      2. That looks an awesome place. I'm gonna try to visit it. I'm pretty sure me and my friends are going to love it. Check out the Fairview Terraces, you'll love it too. Anyway, Thanks for sharing!