Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Historic Places of Multan

These are few Photos of Historic Places of Multan with dates given, an almost complete list is also available and few other lists of similar interests are
List of Historic Places in Multan according to dates
List of Shrines in Multan according to dates
List of Places to Visit in Multan according to To Do List
List of Flyovers, bridges and underpasses in Multan according to construction
List of Parks, gardens, stadium and play grounds in Multan
List of Shopping places in Multan
List of Hotels and guest houses in Multan
List of Restaurants and food places in Multan
Dont forget to visit page of Things To Do in Multan having all things of Multan

Click a Photo to get details of Monument

 Agha Khan Award Winning Tomb of Shah Rukne Alam in Multan 1335 A.D

Birthplace Ahmad Shah Abdali in Multan

Haram gate  in Multan

Bab e Qasim in Multan Fort

Delhi gate in Multan

Bohar gate in Multan

Ghanta Gahr Multan 19th century

Faseel / Wall of Multan

Eidgah Multan Before British Raj

Dam Dama Multan Fort Kohna

Suraj Kund temple dates back 1000 + BC when Sun was worshiped in Multan

Historic Sanwal Mal in Multan

Khuni Burj / Bloody bastion tower in Multan

Masjid Khawaja Awais Kagha Basti Dera Multan

Masjid Khuddka Chowk Fawara Multan

Masjid Shah Ali Akbar Multan

Masjid Shah Shams Sabzwari Multan

Masjid Wazir Khan Kachehry Road Multan

Parhaland Mandar Multan Ruins

Patrick Alexender Monument Multan 19th century

Tomb Bahaudin Zikarya Multan  1170 A.D.

Tomb Bibi Pak Damna Basti Dera Multan  1295 A.D.

Tomb Hamid Shah Gillani Muhalla Gillani Pak Gate Haram Gate Multan  1934  A.D


Tomb Khawaja Awais Kagha Basti Dera Multan  1300 A.D.

Tomb Mai Maharban Chowk Fawara Multan  1140 A.D.

Tombs of Shah Ali Akbar Multan and his mother  in Multan 1585 A.D.

Tomb Shah Bukhari Killa Kohna Multan

Tomb Shah Hussain Sadozai Abdali Masjid  1626 AD

Tomb Shah Shams Sabzwari Multan  1330 A.D


Tomb Shah Yousaf Gardezi Multan  1152 A.D


Tomb Shahdana Muhalla Kamangran inside Delhi Gate Multan  1270 A.D

Tomb Sakhi Yahya Nawab Inside Pak Gate Multan   1618 A.D


Sawi Masjid Kotla Tolay Khan  Multan

Masjid Ghausia or Masjid Musa Pak Shaheed Haram Gate Multan

Tomb Inayat Wilayat inside Pak Gate Multan  1658 A.D.

Masjid Ali Wali Khan Haram Gate Multan

Tomb Saeed Qureshi Delhi Gate Multan  1677 A.D.

Services Club Multan Garrison MGM 19th century



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