Thursday, January 2, 2014

Rs 30m earmarked for desiltation of 85 canals of Multan region

Thursday, January 02, 2014 - Multan—Punjab Government have earmarked funds to the tune of Rs 30 million for desiltation of 85 canals across Multan zone, said an Irrigation department official.

While talking to APP, XEN Operation Irrigation Multan zone, Ehsan Khan said on Wednesday that a total of 85 canals including 40 perennial and 45 non-perennial canals would be desilted.

He added that total length of these canals for desiltation was 497 miles.

He said that 126.514 lakh square feet of desilt would be removed from the canals while the desiltation process of perennial canals would be completed by end of January and non- perennial canals by April.

Ehsan Khan said that the canals which were selected for desiltation this year include 10 in Multan, 9 in Shujabad, 6 in Trimmu, 15 in Lodhran, 7 in Islam headworks, 6 in Sulemanki headworks, 10 in Eastern Bar and 22 canals in Western Bar.

He said that desiltation would surely help in provision of water supply to the farmers especially those living at tail-end of the canals.

Progressive farmer Iftikhar ul Hassan expressed pleasure over the decision of desiltation and added that it was highly important process beneficial to crop

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