Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Multan International Airport

The following project is my first ever professional project. Although done at my career's inception I still fancy it and I still am proud of this project. It was one of the best times at the office where me and a friend of mine were teamed with one of the directors to finish the back logged project in a time of 6 months.

We came into the office everyday at 7 am. Opened the doors, cleaned our desks by using the duster we left last night before leaving the office to brush our shoes anywhere between 11pm to 2 am.

But we finished it and made a presentation to the Prime Minister in 2 months when we got hired and we submitted the drawings for a tender in 5 months, the job was finished in a total time of 6 months when I was offered to continue my work there but I decided to leave the office to join Naheedmashooqullah.

I am a hesitant to post more drawings of the project as it might be seen as a security threat by some people (I dont know why though!)0.

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