Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Multan: Now Mango Will Be Available for Whole Year, in Dried Form

MULTAN : Locally produced dried mango, displayed at a stall at a trade fair organised by the MCCI, received immense admiration. Saad Qureshi, a visitor to the trade fair, expressed pleasure to witness dried mangos. He said it had orginal taste and he would send them to his relatives in Lahore.  Miss Zahida Hameed, another visitor, also lauded the locally introduced product and said the dried mango would a good addition to service to guests throughout the year especially during extreme winter.

The dried mango is being prepared at the Lutafabad mango farm, for the first time in the region. Though the seasonal mango is available these days, yet dried mango would be available throughout the year, Mango Growers Association President Maj (Retd) Tariq said. About dried mango, he said it would also be exported to the Flippines, Thailand, the US and other countries. He said the mangos were dehydrated in a drier and then processed in slices and cubes. He said they had produced 288 kilogrammes of dried mangos from 1,000 kg mangos. He said dried mangos would also provide handsome earnings to local women for removing its skin and cutting it into pieces.

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