Thursday, March 21, 2013

Traditional horse-riding police squad on Qasim Fort Multan

Thursday, March 21, 2013 - Multan—Police have put in place a technologically advanced system to address grievances of complainants effectively, however, in doing so it did not cut links from traditional watch and ward techniques- the horse riding policemen. The technologically advanced initiatives included a police website having a special feature ‘Report A Crime’ and a short message service (SMS) that will keep people informed of what police was doing to control crimes.

In addition to modernization, CPO Dr Muhammad Rizwan also launched traditional horse-riding police squad on March 18 last that would patrol only on the ancient Qasim Fort and would be a worthwhile contribution from police in efforts of the government to preserve history of Multan and an attempt to depict and revist a lifestyle that used to thrive in the city and the ancient mound (Qasim Fort) that is supporting historical monuments.

The horse riding policemen, attired in new police uniforms, are equipped with wireless set, handsfree kit and weapon. Initially, the horse-riding police squad is composed of only three policemen who would perform duty in two shifts at the Qasim Fort area. “We had only three horses but the squad is expected to expand with the passage of time,” said Rao Naveed, incharge website section of Multan police. About website, a police spokesman said complainant or informer would just need to click the ‘Report A Crime’ option to report any incident.—APP

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