Monday, August 4, 2014

Mandir Gopal Multan

Evacuee Property Trust Board, Govt. of Pakistan (EPTB) (Non-Muslim Auqaf)
Period / Date
Historical Notes
No information is available on the history of this temple. The 1990 survey of Multan Monuments by the MDA has recorded the date its construction as 1938 although the source of their information is not given.
Description / Main Features
This complex has two components namely an isolated temple with a vestibule and a huge building which looks like a dharamsala or residential area with its own sacred temple for local worship by the residents. The former is in complete ruins and is outside the residential area. The larger complex still retains some interesting elements that need preservation. The building is oblong running parallel to the out side street. All along the oblong courtyard there are double-storey buildings with a verandah running in front of the rooms. The verandah that runs all around the Courtyard comprises a series of multifold arches – each arch resting on top of two double columns with each double column resting on a single high base. Above the rows of arches there runs another series of grills of fine lattice work in marble. Those on the left hand side are the finest of all and most well-preserved. Behind this left hand side verandah is the main cell or sanctum of this monument currently being used as residence. This room is furnished with a beautiful false ceiling. There are some well preserved examples of stone work with figures of lions probably indicating this temple to be dedicated to the worship of Nari Singhpuri which for a long time remained the patron deity of the city of Multan. The building has a beautiful floor. Certain portions of the temple have undergone repairs by the residents which have deprived the temple of several original motifs.
Access / Environs
Located in Koocha Mandar Gopal near Deepal Sawan Kapoor in Kup Bazaar, in a private compound area.
Present Condition
Present condition is by no means satisfactory. There are a number of families among whom the built area has been rented out by the EPTB.
No serious intervention has apparently been carried out in any part of the Temple-complex except the losses/ damages occurring to the building due to it being rented out as private residences by EPTB.
Building’s immediate need is vacation of the property from the residents and repairs for restoration.





Environmental Notes

  • Gopal Mandar
  • Vehicular Access / Parking
    There is vehicular access to the mandar and Gurdawara. Parking space is available on the street for several vehicles.
  • Use of Space
    The mandar is abandoned and filled with refuse; the Gurdawara adjacent is used as a residence and stable for buffalos.
  • Visitor Facilities
    None available.
  • Electricity
    Electricity is available and a KWH meter in place.
  • Sewerage
    Run off is down the slope towards the road and the bazaar.
  • Solid Waste
    Solid waste collects inside the building and around the mandar; some appears to be removed and dumped in streets nearby for later collection. The mandar itself is used as a garbage dump.
  • Pavement and surfaces
    Marble flooring of the Gurdawara; black top on the adjacent road surface.
  • External threats
    Vandalism; gross misuse of the monuments for garbage and animals. Additions to the upper building are a risk.
  • Condition
    The white marble of the temple has turned black due to smoke and filth. Most walls have separation cracks over openings and at corners; separation is noted in the upper courses over the portico. Notable bulge in wall at the entrance.

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