Thursday, April 24, 2014

Italian Study of Multani Transport 2012

The purpose of this study was to identify possible strategies to ensure sustainable mobility in the city of Multan in Pakistan. This task is part of a larger project of urban redevelopment called the "Sustainable Social Economic and Environmental Revitalization in the historic core of Multan City." The revitalization of the historic center of Multan is closely linked to the possibility of easy travel within the urban scope: this would provide the right opportunities for economic growth and at the same time improve the quality of life of citizens.

 The proposed strategies are based from cognitive and qualitative analysis of the project area, is then developed a design solution capable of integrating different transport systems (private and public transport) for various stages of implementation (short, medium and long-term). The proposed scenario has been analyzed through GIS mapping of accessibility and isochronous PTAL maps (map index of accessibility by public transport) in order to show, through the scientific method, how it can change the level of accessibility with the proposed implementations. All planned measures have been verified by a cost-benefit balance in order to analyze the economic and financial viability.

Description of the project
Strategies for sustainable mobility, Multan (PAK) 2012

Polytechnic Foundation
Aim of the project

Revitalization in the historic core of Multan City
Design team

Prof. Vincenzo Donato, Samuel Camolese, Alessandra Terenzi 

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