Monday, April 28, 2014

Crystal Mall Multan

If Karachi is the financial hub, Lahore the heart, then Multan is indeed quite literally the centre of Pakistan. At 740 feet above sea level, the city of Sufis is located at a distance of about 966 kilometers from Karachi, 562 km from Islamabad and 350 km from Lahore, right beside the main highway. This nearly 3,000 years old city is moving from history to modernity at a rapid pace. It has indeed witnessed a quantum transformation in the last three decades. This fertile region was traditionally agriculture based because of its excellent irrigation system, although various handicrafts also flourished as a cottage industry. Even today, District Multan is justly famed for high quality cotton, mangoes and dates. Today, in addition to the agricultural activity, the city also boasts of 300 big industrial units. But surprisingly, one of the largest city of Pakistan, with about three million people living in 3,721 square kilometers, has little to offer in the way of entertainment and leisure activities. For one, it has only one four star hotel, a few shopping malls and retail supermarkets to attract the natives, what to mention the outsiders, despite its worth seeing sufi shrines and vast handicrafts potential.
The Crystal Mall is designed to change this drab aspect of the city and also provide multiple means of entertainment and leisure activity for the entire family. The venture will no doubt be a game-changer, and compel others to follow in its wake.


Like you, we understand the joy of living. Like you, we recognize the satisfaction of sound investment that starts paying off from day one and ensures higher yields with every following year bringing you greater dividends. Have you ever considered enjoying the luxury of a room forever only for you and your family. Think about it, but then just don’t keep on thinking: go ahead and invest in it and let it earn for you day and night because we are offering huge rental and other returns on your investment. This Unique shopping complex in the region will have the ultimate luxury accommodation. Combining with ultra-modern amenities, these Serviced Apartments will feature many Executive and Presidential Suites
Each and every service that a top of the line hotel provides
  • Concierge Services
  • Hassle free Living
  • Housekeeping
  • 24 hours room service
  • Wi-fi enabled environment
  • Imported fixtures.
  • Branded furniture& linen Natural ventilation
  • and light Laundry Medical facilities.

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