Saturday, March 15, 2014

NMI urology ward gets 34 more beds

Saturday, March 15, 2014 - Multan—The urology ward of Nishtar Medical Institute (NMI) got another 34 beds donated by philanthropists, raising the number to 50.

Head of Urology Department at NMI, Prof Dr Rafique Anjum told APP on Friday that they had now a full-fledged ward whose one portion was being used by ICU earlier. “With the addition of 34 beds donated by philanthropists, we will be able to cut short the long waiting list of patients of kidney operations.”

He said that in 70 per cent cases, the kidneys were damaged silently without showing any symptoms of disease and about 10 million people were suffering from the disease across the country.

“A total of 40 per cent of the workload of kidney patients is of kidney stone and the disease is the most common in south Punjab owing to a long summer season as people do not take a sufficient amount of water in comparison with perspiration.”

About symptoms, the urologist said that normally symptoms of kidney diseases did not appear in the early stage and were diagnosed at an advanced stage

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