Sunday, February 9, 2014

An Ancient Masjid Lilliputian Mosque in Multan

Mughal Era Mosque?
There are a number and variety of mosques in Multan. Most of these mosques are tomb-mosques. Two such mosques are known as ‘Sawi’ or green mosques. The larger sawi mosque is comparatively recent, while the smaller one is old and belongs to Akbar’s period. The older, Lilliputian mosque is not very well known and most people who live around it call it a maqbarah (tomb) rather than a mosque. It is situated in an extremely populated area.

Multan is situated about 198 miles (312 kilometers) south-east of Lahore. The city is built on a mound just east of the Chenab River which once flowed very close to it. Multan was formerly called Kashtpur, Hanspur, Bagpur, Sanb (or Sanbpur) and finally Mulasthan. It gets its name from the graven-image of the sun-god temple, an opulent shrine of the pre-Muslim period.

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