Wednesday, February 19, 2014

52 Monuments of Multan Should be Preseved List

The preservation will be done as per prime minister’s five years special development package for Multan. Sources said a PC-II for survey, documentation and feasibility studies to upgrade the monuments had been prepared.
Sources said institutions were carrying out systematic and scientific studies of the cultural heritage of Multan. Studies will focus on the identification of structures that can be preserved apart from those that have already been declared protected under laws.
The documentation will include photographic and graphic data, architectural drawings and history of interventions, geo-technical studies of all monuments, including the causes of deteriorations. Studies will also include proposals to remove encroachments and shabby structures in the vicinity of the monuments.

The monuments to be preserved, restored and upgraded are:

  1. A mosque near the tomb of Hazrat Ali Akbar at Suraj Miani,
  2. Nawab Ali Muhammad Khan mosque,
  3. Sakhi Yahya Nawab mosque,
  4. A mosque complex at Uch Gilanian,
  5. Khuddaka mosque,
  6. Wazir Khan Mosque
  7. Sawi Masjid and graves,
  8. Hafiz Jamal mosque,
  9. Musa Pak Shaheed mosque,
  10. Hazrat Inayat Wilayat mosque,
  11. Tarkhana Wali Masjid-1,
  12. Tarkhana Wali Masjid-2,
  13. Dorkha mosque,
  14. Masjid Musa Pak Shaheed Uch (Out of Multan City)
  15. The tomb of Mian Dalail,
  16. The tomb of Darbar Shah Bukhari,
  17. The tomb of Allah Dad Gurmani,
  18. The tomb of Shah Ali Mardan,
  19. The tomb of Shah Yousaf Gardez,
  20. The tomb of Mai Mehrban,
  21. The tomb of Shah Hussain Sadozai,
  22. The tomb of Shah Ali Akbar,
  23. The tomb of Shah Ali Akbar’s mother,
  24. The tomb of Shah Shamas Sabzawari,
  25. The tomb of Pir Luddan Kuddan, Khuni Burj,
  26. The shrine of Hazrat Musa Pak Shaheed,
  27. The shrine of Hazrat Yahya Nawab,
  28. The shrine of Hazrat Inayat Wilayat,
  29. The shrine of Hazrat Shah Rukn-i-Alam
  30. The shrine of Hazrat Bahauddin Zakariya,
  31. The shrine of Hafiz Jamal,
  32. The shrine of Hazrat Shah Rukn-i-Alam,
  33. The shrine of Hazrat Musa Pak Shaheed
  34. The shrine of Hazrat Hamid Shah Gilani
  35. The shrine of Hazrat Bibi Pak Damna,
  36. The shrine of Khwaja Awais Khagga,
  37. The shrine of Hazrat Shah Dana Shaheed,
  38. The shrine of Nawab Saeed Qureshi,
  39. The Old Shrine of Musa Pak Shaheed at Uch (out of Multan City)
  40. Faseel in the Walled City,
  41. Barood Khana (Nigar Khana),
  42. Patrick Alexander and William Anderson memorials,
  43. Perhalad temple,
  44. Surj Kund temple,
  45. Dharamshala Dayal Singh,
  46. Mandar Shah Majeed,
  47. Mandar of Niamat Bai,
  48. Jain Mandar,
  49. Mandar Gopal,
  50. A gatway complex of Shrine Musa Pak Shaheed Multan

A couple years old news, but I'm hopeful that it hasn't been put on the back burner.

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