Friday, January 31, 2014

Multan should be declared new 'textile city': PCGA

"Government should declare Multan new "textile city" and Export Processing Zone (EPZ) should be developed in Multan to end the unemployment," said Sheikh Muhammad Aasim Saeed, Vice Chairman of PCGA while delivering his speech at "Planning workshop" organised by Ministry of Planning and Development on Thursday.

He also said there was no justification to establish Apparel Park in Lahore and Garment City in Kala Shah Kaku when raw material (Cotton) was 300km away from these areas which was causing high production cost. He said the dream of increasing the cotton export up to $100 billion till 2019 could not be achieved unless we would not discourage the export of raw material and promote the export of value-added items.

He said Pakistan failed to increase the cotton production during last decade as per acre yield was not more than 25kg to 30kg because of substandard and spurious seed. PCGA vice chairman said that Pakistan produced 14.8 million bales of cotton in 2004. He said the government should pay proper attention towards the supply of qualitative seed from different countries and it should encourage the importers of good quality seed.

He said South Punjab produced more than 10 million bales of cotton but textile mills were established in Karachi and Faisalabad and a few textile mills were established in this southern zone. He suggested that a regulatory authority should be established in the Ministry of Textile and due representation be granted to the ginners and growers in the authority to protect their interests.

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