Monday, December 30, 2013

MULTAN: Pet show

 Pet show: ‘Pets can help us appreciate life better’

More than 700 people from Multan, Khanewal, Vehari and Lodhran attended the show.
MULTAN: As many as 80 people and their pets took part in a pet show organised by the Animals Safety Organisation at the Multan Sports Ground on Sunday.
“The show is aimed at spreading awareness about pet care,” Multan Animals Safety Organisation Incharge Muhammad Azhar told He said the organisation planned to organise pet shows in rural areas in the future.
“It is sad that most people in the country think it is okay to throw stones at dogs… many are under the misconception that they would go mad if bitten by a dog,” he said.

Azhar had brought his pet dog Samba to the show. Pet dogs of 18 breeds were presented on the occasion.
Other animals included birds, cats, horses, donkeys and snakes.
The first prize for cats went to Pinkoo. Its owner Faryal told The Express Tribune “we can better understand and value life in general through better awareness of animal care.”
Several animals danced to the beat of drums at the show attended by more than 700 people from Multan, Khanewal, Vehari and Lodhran.
Rashid Ali Khan, who had brought his horse Zuljinnah, said, “There should be more organisations working for animal rights and their safety in the country.”
He said animals were often neglected in the country. “That shows most of us don’t consider living beings,” he added.
Zuljinnah performed a variety of tricks for the audience.

Eight species of cats were shown on the occasion.
Muhammad Arshad, who had brought his donkey, said the administration had initially denied him permission.
“I was the first one to bring my pet… they [administration] initially did not allow me to be a part of the show saying donkey was not animal having safety problems,” he said.

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