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FMs’ popularity wave on the rise

Multan city scape

A decade back FM stations had lost their significance due to many reasons but after issuing license to private stations the popularity of FM station have boosted again. When there is success, there is downfall. FM stations in Pakistan actually have to face failure because they lost its standard and worth and were not able to attract their listeners anymore. The main reason behind this was that they were lacking “entertainments” which is one of the most important factors. But luckily they were able to get their position back by the revival and renewal of FM stations whether they were private or commercial. After the birth of private and commercial FM stations, they generated motivation and awareness in people. It also nurture positive attitude and behaviors among common people and got influential impact that even educated and senior citizens began to listen it. They are internally listened and applauded which is sign of pride for us and our country.

Commercial radio station throughout Pakistan is the fastest way of transmitting news. In past it was a medium used to convey messages to people of Pakistan during the war of 1965 and 1971. Thus we can say that that FM stations provide first and short hand information to local people.

Social and private media should be focused and because they are listened by people living in different communities whether they are worker, school going, housewives, teenagers, and senior citizens. The programming of these local stations should be for every one even a fruit seller to a businessman, farmer to wood cutter and a house wife to working women.

There are numerous commercial and educational FM stations all over Pakistan and all theses have their own agenda and innovative ideas like some are completely for education other are solely for entertainment and consultative programs.

Lahore a city of Pakistan is considered as heart of Pakistan Lahore is well known as hub of entertainment whether it is about celebrating festivals or having various commercial and educational FM stations such as 100, 101 , 96.6 , 97.6,

F.M 100 is radio station in Pakistan and is the pioneer of FM transmission in Pakistan. It broadcast out of 4 cities, Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad and Hyderabad. It has greatly influence Pakistani radio broadcasting its first only slogan is ASSALOM –O-ALAIKUM PAKISTAN. Which literary means “may peace be on Pakistan” it was founded on March 23rd 1995 and has listening area covering all of Pakistan. FM 100 radio channel has touched the hearts of radio listeners in Pakistan. In few months radio is successfully attracting sizeable quality audience away from other forms of electronic media FM 100 is the first 24 hours live commercial radio station covering Islamabad and surrounding areas. It started the concept of religious programs, covers different days and special events. In short FM 100 radios Pakistan has become listeners preferred choice in music and entertainment that’s why it is called “heart beat of Pakistan”.

FM 101 was inaugurated by government of Pakistan in 1 October 1998. It was the first station inaugurated by the government of Pakistan to compete with the commercial or private stations for the sake of entertainment. It came up with the dual purpose of educating the farmers and entertainment as well. Initially its programs were listened in Lahore, Karachi, Peshawar and Quetta. Meanwhile the headquarter of FM 101 was in Islamabad. The transmission of FM 101 is scheduled from 7:00 am to 4:00 pm. 7:00 am to 9:00 am programs covers the issues for children going to school, people driving cars and for working men and women. The broadcasting goes on while covering the interest of listeners and ends at the program known as “je ayan nu “ which is a Punjabi show and it went on-air from 1-4 pm.

F.M 103 was initiated by a dynamic team like Shafqatullah, Imran Bajwa and Ahmed Noor. The transmission was started in April 2004. The first program that was broadcasted was BBC Urdu news. At that time only two FM stations were most popular, the names of them are FM 100 and 101 but 103 left behind the popularity of these well known stations in a year. The only reason behind its success was entertaining the listeners. FM 103 was initially publicized in Lahore, Multan, Karachi, and Faisalabad. 103 had to face a lot of difficulties at the early years. One of the major difficulty was there were no ads and government also did not support it because it was a private channel and they also had to face hurdles in because they were in short of piece of equipments. 103 have been restricted by PEMRA many times for the reason that BBC news was put on air. The most popular RJ was Syed Usman and the important one is Sahir Lodhi. LDA plaza in Lahore was the first place where 103 was situated now it’s located in Mini market Gulberg. 103 is a station that entertain the listeners 24/7 and audience love t listen 103 because it is the shortest and first hand source of listening their favorite songs, information and news. Hence we can say that being a private channel the station have entertained its spectators.

F.M 96.6 is another important campus radio station in Lahore with the basic purpose to empower and train the students of LCWU. This station was launched on 23 March 2009 and the first recorded program went on-air for 1 hour in 6 days a week. With the passage of time the live programs were extended from 8:00 am to 2:00 pm. FM96.6 covers almost all the areas of Lahore and the range of this station is 25km (sq). It is a non commercial media but public service messages like education, respect for elders, hygiene issues were added. Different personalities were invited and interviews were held like of Rana Sanaullah, traffic wardens and consultants. Different roles have been played by like admissions and results of students and one of the most important programs of 96.6 was “ghar and budget”. Business world program were also started and information about the people were delivered who extended their business from scratch to a successful business firm in small span of time. History, amazing facts, interviews, radio drama and songs for the sake of entertainment are also included. Specific budget is allocated for these programs and that budget is paid by the university administration. Different people work under the administration of 96.6, the first person who manages the station is Head of Department Madam.Anjum Zia, and then comes the Program Manager, Radio Producer – Mr. Muhammad Umer Rizvi who is also the pioneer of this FM station. Different development programs are under process like Rs. 48000 are given for the non-climbing tower by the administration. Government also supports the development programs such as Rs. 20 lakhs were donated by Rana Sanaullah; many types of equipment are also purchased for the better programming of the station. A desire and a burning desire for the sake of improvement is more support from the faculty, students and the fantabulous listeners. According to the station producer bi-lingual, missing points in the programs is the basic drawback in the success of an FM station. 96.6 is the source of entertainment, education and information for all the students and listeners throughout the city.

F.M 97.6 is another educational FM station in Kinnaird Collage which was launched in June 2010. Ahmed Noor was the pioneer of this particular FM station. Official programming was started in 2011 by Faozia Wahab. The main motive behind it was to train the student of Kinnaird collage to take part in the blooming broadcast media. Different programs such social issues educational, cultural and lecture base just for 6 days in week. Programs are open up from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm special days and occasions are also celebrated. Range of 97.6 FM is only about 8 to 10km radius and it just covers the collage premises. Being a private educational station it does not get major consideration from the government and faces a lot of issues with regard to the license by PEMRA, this station cannot give political and religious knowledge and also have limited boundaries like music, commercial and Public service messages are not allowed, where as the administration pledge that government should allow them play the music at limited extent. Thus, 80-70% the programs are education based.

As a whole, we all know that the popularity of radio stations is increasing day by day. Comparing the three most important radio stations, government, commercial and educational we assume that each and every station has its own worth in the society. Government radio stations are restricted to certain themes which covers educational, moral and cultural values. Commercial FM stations are more prescribed to entertainment zone and are the best way of earning money. Whereas the campus radio stations are not earning a single penny through their transmissions in fact they are spending loads of money only for the sake of guidance and empowerment of students. Hence, three of the radio stations cover their own area of interest but the commercial are just for “entertainment, entertainment and entertainment”.

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