Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Masjid Ali Akbar Suraj Miani Multan Since 1570 AD

 A small mosque with a sanctuary having three domes which rest on square base. The ground level of the mosque has been raised and the entrance columns appear very disproportionate and they have been buried at least 2 feet. The bases are as high as the domes. An extension has been constructed to the original chamber in the south. The mosque is finished with 1-1/2” brick tiles and lime plastered. Three domes in poor condition. The Roof ceiling of the verandah is of wooden battens with paint work. An adjacent portion has been added later on. Flooring of external verandah of ‘badal’ marble. The domes interior is finished with fresco painting. Some Multani tile work done at a later stage. Solid wood doors painted green.

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