Sunday, September 15, 2013

Inner Ring Road Multan

Inner Ring Road Multan

Detailed Design and Construction supervision for Geometric Improvement of Multan Inner Ring Road Including Six Interchanges with Improvement of at grade Intersections.

Jinnah Chowk
A two level flyover on a six leg complex junction at the entrance of Multan city having special geometry with one approach from level 1 merging in level2 bridge

Rasheedabad Chowk
A straight 2 Lane one way flyover at T-intersection

Chungi No: 9
4 Lane flyover at 5-leg intersection and at grade roundabout.

Chungi No: 8
4 Lane flyover connecting with existing flyover of katchehry chowk having an extra exit down ramp towards Gulgasht area.

Kalma Chowk
Two flyovers including a 2 Lane flyover across ring road at Kalma Chowk and a 2 Lane right turn flyover at Nishter Chowk.

Aziz Hotel Chowk and Double Phattak Chowk
4 Lane Flyover at two intersections and a railway crossing including two additional side ramps and a loop with at grade Roundabout.

The project cost of this NHA (National Highway Authority) project is Rs.7 billion. The project started in July 2009 and is expected to end by December 2010.

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